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Module : Computer Basics
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Part 3: Running Programs

A computer can't do anything by itself. In order to do anything at all, like let you type and save documents, or use the internet, or play music, or play a game, a computer needs to run a program. A program is a set of instructions for the computer that tell it how to do something.

Most computers these days come with lots of programs already on them, ready to use. You can also buy new programs at computer stores, at office supply stores, and now even on the internet. This part of the Computer Basics module will show you how to run programs on your computer.

If you're not familiar with your computer, you might need your tutor to help you. The way you tell your computer to run a program will be different depending on what kind of computer you have. This means that the first step is figuring that out. We'll do that on the next page.

When you are using the Learning Ladder website, you will often switch back and forth between your web browser, which you use to read the pages, and a word processor program, which you use to write and save your work. The remaining parts of this module will explain everything you need to know to do this.

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