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Module : Computer Basics

This is the Computer Basics Module. It will give you help in using a computer. It will also help you use the Learning Ladder website (and other websites, too!)

Your tutor can help you get started with the first part. It covers using the mouse. Once you are comfortable using the mouse, try to complete the rest of the topics on your own.

For the first time through, we think it is a good idea to start at the beginning and go all the way through. After that, feel free to use this module as an extra help if you are having difficulty using the computer. Think of this module as practice and you can go back to topics anytime while you use the Learning Ladder modules.

Part   1 Using the Mouse <= Begin here!
Part   2 Using the Keyboard
Part   3 Running Programs
Part   4 Word Processing Basics
Part   5 Using the Internet
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