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Part 2: Using the Keyboard

The keyboard is what you type with. Like the mouse, the keyboard is a device you sometimes use to tell the computer what you want to do. You also use the keyboard when you want to do your own writing on the computer.

keyboard and mouse Most of the time, when you use your computer, you will use both your mouse and your keyboard a great deal.

The computer keyboard is a lot like a regular typewriter keyboard. It has the letters of the alphabet, numbers, and punctuation keys just like a typewriter.

It has some extra keys, as well, that typewriters don't have. These keys do special things on computers. Some of these extra keys are function keys (usually labeled "F1" through "F12"), some are cursor keys (like the arrow keys, and the page up and page down keys), and some are modifier keys (like "control" and "alt") that are used with other keys for special purposes.

In this part, we will learn all about the keyboard and how to use it with your computer.

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