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Part 4: Word Processing Basics

A word processor is a program that you use to write letters and papers on your computer. Word processors let you write, save, edit (or correct), and print out what you have written instead of writing with a pen and paper.

[picture of hand writing] [picture of text editor]
Writing by hand Writing with a word processor

Using a word processing program takes practice, but you'll soon find writing (and rewriting) easier and faster than doing it by hand. If you use pen and paper to write a letter and you make a mistake in the middle of the page, then you have to write the whole letter over again. If you use a word processing program to write a letter, if you make a small change in the letter, you can corrct it quickly and print another copy, instead of writing it all over again.

In this section of the Computer Basics module, we'll look at how word processors work and how to use them.

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