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Module 5: Health and Safety in Early Care and Education Programs
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Learning Activity

Go to the following Web site and read about Health and Safety in Child Care. Decide on three things or areas that you will check regularly to make sure your child care space is safe.

Here's the link: (Use your browser's back button to return to this page afterwards)


Writing Activity

While you and the children were outside in your play area, Amos fell off the big-wheels bike. You did all the things you should do when there is an accident. You ran to him and comforted him. You put on rubber gloves before you examined his scraped and bloody knee. You washed his knee in warm and soapy water and put on a band-aid.

Accident forms Now, you need to fill out an accident report:

  • Get the form here.
  • To see how one is already filled out you can get an example of a report.
  • If you have a question, ask your tutor for help.
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