Accident Report

Child's Name: Lateesha

Date of Injury: 10 / 26 / 2001

When did the injury happen? at 10:05 am

Location where injury occurred at the sink in the children's bathroom

Equipment or product (For example, chair / glue) involved the stool to the children's sinks

Description of injury or which parts of the body were injured? her knees

How did the injury happen? Lateesha was at the sink washing her hands. She fell off the stool and scraped her knee. The scrape was the size of dime.

Who gave first aid and what they did: I washed her knee with warm, soapy water. I also applied an ice pack to prevent swelling. I covered the scrape with a band-aid.

Where else did the child receive treatment and what was done:
(Specify clinic, office or emergency room; did the child require a doctor's or dentist's treatment.) None needed

Follow-up plan for care of the child I don't think this injury requires any follow up for Lateesha. I have looked at the stool to make sure that it was in good repair. I also talked to the rest of the classroom about being careful at the sink.