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Module 5: Health and Safety in Early Care and Education Programs
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Welcome to the Introduction to Module 5!

Module Objectives

Health and safety are basic concerns for everyone who cares for young children. One of a family child care provider's most important jobs is to make sure that we give the children under our care a place in our homes that is safe and healthy.

In this module you will learn ...

  • how to help children to stay healthy and get good nutrition.
  • to make sure the areas of your home used by children are safe.
  • to make sure the outside area used by children in your care are safe.
  • ways to keep children safe in your home.

In this module you will ...

  • assist children and their parents to learn the best ways to stay heathy.
  • fill out an accident report and understand what to do in an emergency.
  • use materials in your program that help children maintain their health and cleanliness.

Terms from the Field

Below are words and definitions that you may need when you work as a Family Child Care Provider. You will learn more about these words later in the module.

When you see the speaker speaker after each of the definitions you can hear the pronunciation of the term and what it means.

diet - the foods and drinks that we eat and drink.


nutrition practices - the way your foods are served, how the food is cooked, and the ways you talk to children and families about food and eating.


accident (or incident) report - a report that records when a child has an accident. It includes such things as how and when the accident happened. It also explains how the family child care provider responded to the problem.


germs - small cells that you can't see with your eyes, which pass sickness from person to person. For example, when you cough, there are germs that come out of your mouth and go into the air.


disinfect - a way of cleaning that makes a surface free of germs. Family child care providers can use a mixture of bleach and water to disinfect their child care space.


infectious diseases - sicknesses that a person can pass to another person, for example, the flu.


If you find other words that you don't understand, you can do two things :

1. Learn how to identify a word without a dictionary.


2. Use an online dictionary that will be at the bottom of each page. See below.

Type in the word (or cut and paste it) in the box below. Click the Get the Definition button. You will then go to the dictionary.reference.com web site. Note: To return to this page, use your browser's "back" button.

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