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Module 5: Health and Safety in Early Care and Education Programs
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What do you already know?

Are the children in your program safe and healthy? Look at the list below. Click in the boxes next to sentences that describe your program.

Children can not lock themselves into rooms

Working smoke detectors are installed on each floor of the home and near cooking and sleeping areas

All electrical cords are not within children's reach and outlets are covered

Diapering and toileting areas are separated from food areas

Bathrooms have liquid soap and paper towels

Children are asked to wash their hands regularly

Emergency phone numbers are posted near the telephone

Writing Activity

If children are with you all day, they are going to need time to rest or nap. Most children need some help in preparing for naptime. With your word processing program, write a paragraph that describes your program's naptime routine. Include a description of the following:

  • how you get the children ready for nap
  • where you put the cots for a nap
  • where you keep the cots when the children are not napping
  • how you prepare children to get ready for a nap
  • what you do for children who are having a hard time slowing down

Save what you write in your disk portfolio.

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