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Module 6: Family Child Care as a Business
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Creating Contracts and Policies

Posted policy statement As a family child care provider you are operating as your own boss. Your program needs clear and written rules and policies that you share with parents before their children begin care in your home.

A contract spells out the agreement that parents make with a provider when they place their child in a provider's care. A contract provides the details about the care you are going to provide and shares information about your fees and payment.

Parts of a family day child care contract might include:

  • Hours: What days and hours will you provide care in your home
  • What are the fees that you charge? What do fees include and when is payment expected?
  • A description of your family child care program and a typical daily schedule
  • Vacations and days off, including the holidays that your program will be open and when you are closed, will you still be paid
  • A description of the meals and food you serve and a sample menu
  • When should a child not attend child care? What are the physical symptoms that should tell parents that their child is too ill to be around other children?
  • Your policies around caring for a child who gets sick during the day and how they can give you formal permission to give their child medicine
  • Clothing and supplies: an explanation of who provides diapers, training pants, extra shoes and warm clothing
  • A detailed description of your policies on nap, toilet training and discipline.

In a visit with new families, you should review your contract carefully with the parents and have them sign it. It is also important to make sure that they get a copy of their signed contract so that they can refer to your policies if they have any questions.

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