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Module 6: Family Child Care as a Business
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Record Keeping: Children's Files

folder in filing cabinet Keeping good records is an important task of a family child care provider. You are running a business in your home and keeping complete files on each of the children in your care will help you locate all of the information that you need quickly and easily. You will want to make and keep a separate file for each child to hold their individual forms. On the tab of each folder, it is a good idea to write the child's name and birth date.

What information should be kept in each child's file?

  • Child's Background Information Form which includes the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the child, parents, and health care professionals. It also should give information regarding any special needs or requirements that a child might have.
  • Permission slips for short trips and activities outside of your home.
  • Child's Health Records that include their doctor's name and health plan information, immunization records, and a documentation of any health issues
  • Emergency Medical Authorization that gives you permission to give immediate emergency care. In extreme cases it allows you to get emergency medical care even before parents can meet you at the hospital or doctor's office.
  • Medication Permission Slips that gives you written parental permission to give children both prescription (like an antibiotic for an ear infection) and non-prescription (like children's aspirin) medication.
  • Incident Report that documents any time a child is injured, even slightly, while they are in your care. This report should include information about the accident or injury and the actions you took. One copy of each incident report should be given to the parents; one should be kept in your files.
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