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Module 4: Observing and Recording Children's Behavior
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What do you already know ?

Below you will find a matching game. It will help connect the free play activities that we observe with skills that children are practicing.

Instructions: For each activity below, choose whether cognitive skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, self-help skills, or emergent literacy best describes it. Check your answers at the bottom of the page.

Please answer the questions below by clicking on the small circle (button) next to the answer you think is best. If you can't answer a question, just go on to the next one. When you have finished, choose Check Answers at the bottom of the page to see your score.

1. Giving another child a raisin


2. Climbing on a jungle gym


3. Reading a sign on the wall


4. Counting crackers


5. Asking to use the bathroom


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