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Module 4: Observing and Recording Children's Behavior
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Record Keeping Do's and Don'ts

Someone taking notes Observing children's behavior is the first half of our work. The second part of the job is to record and write about what we see or hear.

Below you will find a list of suggestions to help you write your observations in an way that is accurate and without including your opinion.

Do Don't
Try and write every detail. Don't leave information out.
Use words that describe action, whenever possible. Don't forget to use words that describe what is happening.
Describe what you are seeing and hearing in the order that things happen. Don't write the events out of order.
Use words that describe only what you see and hear. Don't write your opinion of what you think is happening.
Choose times for observing so that you can watch and record without interruption. Don't try to observe when you are going to be busy.
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